A hand with the crescent moon  balances the word CRIMEY vertically, with a crown with yin and yang

Cultivate the art of Self-Full love


What it means to Cultivate the art of Self-full Love?

Self-full love must first be desired before it can be attained. It rests beyond the common and overused superficial notion of love: as gestures that can often be expressed for manipulation and control over others. Although that is not to say that superficial love serves no vital purpose at all as a quick-fix of the day, just to get by. However, when you take the time to examine what we commonly perceive as love, we find that it serves as a mirror that permits us the opportunity to see what lies beyond; or to at least, desire to know what is 'there'; and since what is there is also here, we are then able to address what really matters from that point of reference.

By examining what is 'here' that is to say, what is within you, which gives rise to engage all your senses as for self-exploration and self-cultivation; we then begin to cultivate love.

It is by this means you begin to open your heart where the seed of truth dwells; where you are faced with 'self' as you realise that you cannot run away from yourself.

Self-Acceptance and Self-Exploration

And, like doing house cleaning, as you often have to handle the good the bad, and the ugly, you take care to address various aspects of whom you have become and whom you are becoming in order to know where you are; and as you begin to accept that love must be cultivated in order for it to flourish, with that in mind, the question remains, 'What am I meant to flourish into, or becoming?' this is going to determine your next step of action, whether to uproot the old seeds that show up in your thoughts and conditionings; and, will you nourish them - for every seed breeds after its kind. You may decide to abandon an old habit and develop new practices.

Whether you are sitting or lying or doing a head-stand, it doesn't matter as long as you do the best... you are cultivating the art of self-full love for this is how you ignite the spark of love in others around you, thus reflecting a balanced heart of self-acceptance whilst demonstrating your willingness and ability to accept others without judgments: Love, reflecting its pretty face right back at you.

Cultivate the art of Self-Full Love