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Welcome to The Revolutionary Spiritual Healing Course (TRSHC), through which, the collective dream of those sexually traumatised, has NOW become our reality: to have a remedy that does not require weeks, months, and years of therapeutic intervention; but rather, you can NOW have a POWERFUL 5-DAY soul intervention course, in the comfort of your sacred space, and for your SOUL’S HEALING. What exactly are we talking about HERE? The Revolutionary Spiritual Healing Course (TRSHC): which works through the process of accessing and activating your unique Sacred Code that is in you; and is recorded in the Holy Bible.

The Revolutionary Spiritual Healing CODES (TRSHC) are SETS of Numbers THAT are found directly in 61 BOOKS of the HOLY BIBLE.  In essence, TRSHC is a treatment that works at SOUL LEVEL, for persons who have been sexually affected, male and female, victims and offenders, including anyone who has been affected in any way through sexual violence. It is time to SET that Captives FREE.

What else do we Know about TRSHC

The Revolutionary Spiritual HEALING Course (TRSHC) WAS accidentally discovered by Crimey Queen, (Author of The Crimson Light: Volume 1. A Bridge to Actualising Self-Full Love and Volume 2. Getting onto the Bridge of Actualising Self- Full Love). As she explains, “It was as though I was programmed; and was left in a daze after undertaking TRSHC.  And, at the first BITE of this deliciousness of something new and magnificent, I attempted to share of my experience in three videos on my YouTube channel; unbeknown that I had only discovered a KEY to a very Sacred VOLT; that people who have been sexually traumatised can access their UNIQUE Sacred CODE and BE HEALED by IT. However, the words were not coming out.  It was as though God's hand was over my mouth.


Why NOW am I only hearing of this TRSHC?


The universe operates on cycles; and operates as a MAGNIFYING MIRROR, in which all of our experience gets reflected back to US.  Therefore, the universe will SNEEZE, Pee, Throw-up, and Fart as a direct expression of our behaviours; and do whatever is necessary in order to balance itself through US. Likewise, in the middle of humanity’s global breakout (‘Corona Virus’ and ‘COVID-19?’), we have been provided with TRSHC to counterbalance the energies of the great universal SNEEZE: as the result of feeling chocked up. This is simply because, on an emotional level, many sufferers of Sexual Abuse had not BREATHED out a word; and are still asked to cover their mouths, Thus, re-enforcing their experience as Deja vu, and still in search of love as the healer.


Where is the Love?

Yes! we hear it all the time ‘Love is what makes the world go round!’ So where is the love that makes the world go round you ask, since, millions of people have been emotionally and psychologically broken through sexual trauma, where can we find love to build and bond family foundations, communities and societies, and structures?  Foremost, is it not a reality that you can only give what you have? So where is the love coming from especially, if we never had love or known love?



The Universe is Constantly Responding to Your Thoughts

Shout for joy because the universe has responded to the ‘Why now?' It is important to remember that everything evolves around times and seasons. You could say that the global breakout of 2020, is a cycle that had CAUSED  the universe to SNEEZE out all the distresses, including things that had CAUSED your sense of paralytic state: state of inability for change: hence, a sneeze was inevitable to serves as a reminder for self-care and to release oneself of fear: to break from states of self-imprisonment that have CAUSED emotional and psychological lockdown of self-expression and self-identity.

TRSHC is here and is offering you a chance to free your mind by cultivating the Art Self-Full Love,and in turn, honour the CREATOR. 


The moon may not always shine brightly but SHE never fails to grant us light even through our emotions”

Likewise, TRSHC has been there along but we were too blind to see."



To have a global impact THAT Eliminates and Eradicates effects of Sexual Trauma in Families and Communities regardless of Individuals’ Faith, Practices or, Gender; and to ILLUMINATE the Pathways of all possibilities for a healthy lifestyle.

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About Crimey Queen


cultivating the art of self-full love


Let me briefly share with you the main three signposts that I believe have directly facilitated the process and the accessibility of TRSHC today.
- Transition
- Transformation
- Transcendence 
The transition of healing from emotional and psychological trauma CAUSED through sexual abuse, had led me to conclude that 'there must be more to gain than to consider myself as just another survivor of sexual abuse. The immense pain, shame, and blame that I had endured certainly did not tally on the scales of common sense to accept that my reality and had fallen short of what I had imagined love to be: as the ultimate self-expression of life and creativity.
I wanted to find the pathway to explore deep intimacy and authenticity by which I would feel unafraid in the process... Consequently, that quest led to the confinement of twin volumes, and birthed The Crimson Light; a process by which I learned that love is a seed that requires the art of cultivation; and breeds self-actualisation: by that, I gained insight and new meaning for love: hence, the terminology, 'Actualising Self-Full Love.' 

I often refer to myself as YOUR PARTNER in CRIME: the crime of Self-Full Love; the crime that begins with breaking the LAW of Silence; and clearing the deep imprints of sexual trauma of pain, shame and blame.

How did I get here?' The Crimson Light had ignited pathways, yet to be travelled; but like a map was opened up before me, it became clear that the second signpost of my journey had granted me the sense of self-identity I had longed for; and led me to 'own' my role as Crimey Queen. The journey of transformation helped me to see, that 'I am not only the traveller, but I am, also, the journey and the map: the guide for a purposeful life; thus, the third signpost, is the realisation that I am a conduit: the receiver and transmitter of the Revolutionary Spiritual Healing Codes (TRSHC): a 5-Day transformational course by which you can access and activate your unique sacred codes (of which you are a construct).  

My greatest joy is to witness the transformation and growth in others; hence, I am committed to helping people cultivate the art of self-full love for ultimates joy and creative self-expression. I believe it is for this reason that the universe yielded to my desire for self-expression and self-identity: a pathway available to all who dares to explore TRSHC through The Crimson Light. 


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and access your unique Sacred Code and Be HEALED