Healing hands that represents love and healing and wholeness
Crimey Queen
the Healer


Cultivate the Art of Self-Full Love

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End the pain of shame and blame for it is not the game of love

Cultivate Self Love and clear Sexual Trauma Imprints 

Welcome to the revolutionary Spiritual healing Course (TrSHC), through which the collective dream of those sexually traumatised, has now become a reality to have a remedy that does not require weeks, months, and years of therapeutic intervention, but rather,you can now have a powerful 5-DAY soul intervention online course in the comfort of your sacred space, for your Soul's Healing.

What exactly we talking about?

The Revolutionary Spiritual Healing Code is an ancient remedy that works through the process of accessing and activating your Unique Sacred CODE, also referred to as The Crimson Light.

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Sexual Trauma and Spiritual Healing-74.png

You can NOW 
access Ancient Sacred Codes that Heal Emotional   Trauma CAUSED through Sexual Abuse and:

- Learn how to activate your sacred code.
- Be the alchemist of your dreams
- Learn how to cultivate the art of self-full love for life
- Increase your alertness and intuitive divine language
- Experience influx of flow and synchronicity 
- Have a new surge of energies and creativity
- Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
- Develop a clear sense of self-direction and life purpose
- Traverse through worlds and benefit from lucid dreams
- Know how to replenish your soul for greatness
- Feel and look more radiant 



TrSHC: You can catch ME
​ONLY four times a year!

12-16 JUN
12-16 SEPT
12-16 DEC
12-16 MAR

access your unique sacred code
when the healing portals are opened

TRSHC: the only online Course of its kind

No hidden agendas

Quality for cost: £500

If you are unsatisfied, you get your money back

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